I launched this website on June 16th 2014. Before that, I was busy designing and coding this website for about three weeks. And I'm still working on it, writing new blog posts for the front page, and improving my website by editing and adding new features. Now and then I try writing a post on the improvements I made, which you can find here:

AUC Integration Game

I made the AUC integration game with three other students for the Games & Learning course at Amsterdam University College. This game is an adapted version of the open source game Neverwell Moor. Before starting on the game, I took a Game Development course through which I learned a bit about HTML5 and Javascript. This helped me understand the game code from Neverwell Moor. You can play the game here.
And read more about it on my Github account.

Fashion show visualisation

I came across an amazing visualisation of several Fashion Shows from 2013 made by the New York Times, and since I already planned to write a blog post on the fashion designers Viktor & Rolf I thought it would be an interesting project to try to make a similar visualisation for my post. The result and an explanation of how I changed the code from the New York Times can be found here.

The Young Consultant

I helped customising the website for The Young Consultant. The website is based on a template, and I added amongst others logos, images and icons specific to the Young Consultant. Moreover, I adapted the design to fit the purpose of the organisation better.